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REACH teams up with the World Bank in Senegal to carry out a capacity gap assessment as part of greater efforts to strengthen nutrition governance
12 July 2017

Following the establishment of Senegal's Fighting Malnutrition Unit, called the Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition (CLM) in 2000, the country has worked continuously to strengthen nutrition governance and intensify action to combat malnutrition over time. In 2011, it became one of the first countries to join the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement. Three years later (2014), REACH activity was initiated to help bolster these efforts, with the provision of facilitation support for nutrition governance processes and for increased UN coherence on nutrition.  

Two REACH facilitators have been working closely with country actors to empower and enrich multi-sectoral nutrition dialogue, and thus to further foster the spirit of collaboration in Senegal. First and foremost, they have been engaging with the SUN Government Focal Point, who is the Coordinator of the National Implementation Bureau of the Malnutrition Unit (BEN/CLM), as well as with the respective SUN Networks. In June 2016, REACH and the World Bank entered an agreement with the CLM, mobilising the UN and Donor Networks for the implementation of a capacity assessment exercise.

The study was implemented by a joint REACH/World Bank team under the leadership of a technical coordination committee, comprised of BEN/CLM, REACH, the World Bank and UNICEF. This arrangement enabled stakeholders to exploit economies of scale, and ultimately, execute a comprehensive, robust assessment. Focusing on the functional capacity needs of the BEN/CLM and key ministries to further institutionalize nutrition within sectors, the study highlighted organizational bottlenecks that warrant further attention. The ensuing recommendations will be incorporated into an overall capacity building plan to support the operationalization of the national Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan (2016-2021). Furthermore, the assessment provided key inputs for Senegal's investment case for nutrition, which will inform advocacy efforts and hopefully help to attract additional resources.

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