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New Multi-sectoral Strategic Plan for Nutrition validated in Burkina Faso
26 May 2017

In May 2016, Burkina Faso embarked upon a participative process to define the elements of its new and ambitious Multi-sectoral Strategic Plan for Nutrition (2016-2020). REACH facilitators have worked closely with the SUN Government Focal Point to mobilize multiple sectors and stakeholders for this effort, and to harness their respective contributions. Validated during a recent workshop, held on 10-11th May in Ouagadougou, the plan is aligned to other governance frameworks, such as the National Plan for Economic and Social Development as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new nutrition plan is based on 5 strategic objectives, and seeks to address malnutrition in its entirety – undernutrition as well as overweight and obesity – and to strengthen nutrition governance.

Presided by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, the event attracted over sixty participants from key sectors and regional directorates. Various government officials, development partners and representatives from the SUN Networks were among the participants, including REACH – more specifically the International and National Facilitators who were joined by the Deputy Global Coordinator of UNN/REACH. The workshop was an occasion to collectively review the content of the new nutrition plan and its forecasted budget. Although the participants ultimately validated the plan, they noted that further work was required on the parallel efforts to cost it. Data sheets will then be prepared for a round table, with a view to mobilising resources for the operationalization of the plan.

Learn more about how REACH is supporting nutrition governance processes in Burkina by listening to an ENN podcast and/or reading an article featured in Issue 7 of ENN's Nutrition Exchange (Arabic, English, French and Spanish).

REACH helps catalyse nutrition planning and related sensitization efforts at the sub-national level
22 March 2017

As part of Burkina Faso's nutrition planning processes, REACH facilitators are working hard with government officials and colleagues from the UN partner agencies to bridge the national and sub-national planning streams in unprecedented ways. The strong working relationship between the SUN Government Focal Point and REACH facilitators in-country has been exemplary, culminating in a particularly catalytic situation. Expanding a REACH supported analysis on nutrition-related plans to the regional and commune level (‘Plan Overview') was a key first step, which has set in motion other efforts. The outputs of this exercise have since prompted a series of conversations with locally elected representatives on nutrition issues, identifying concrete opportunities for nutrition to be better integrated into selected regional and commune-level plans. Country actors are eager to further apply them during the forthcoming revision of the communal development plans.

On 22 March 2017, REACH supported the organization of a workshop in Ouagadougou, rallying actors from the government, civil society, UN agencies, donors, private sector and universities. Government participation included staff from related ministries as well as representatives of the newly established SUN Parliamentarian Network and the Mayors Association of Burkina Faso (l'Association des municipalités du Burkina Faso). The workshop discussions were largely focused on building capacity at the municipal level in order to ‘hardwire' nutrition into the functions of local development committees and improve the coordination and monitoring of nutrition interventions. Ultimately, participants identified ways to raise awareness about nutrition among locally elected officials and involve them in nutrition planning processes. To this end, they agreed to develop a reference booklet on nutrition as well as to organize trainings, both targeting municipalities. 

REACH facilitators help the SUN Government Focal Point galvanize dynamic nutrition planning processes in Burkina Faso
21 February 2017
Cognisant of the need to improve the nutritional status of the Burkinabé people as part of sustainable development, the Government has propelled a sweeping, nutrition planning process at the national level. These efforts are prompting sector reform in order to facilitate the integration of nutrition actions into sector planning, and ultimately, to expand coverage and improve the quality of nutrition services. In addition, a draft Multi-sectoral Strategic Plan for Nutrition (2016-2020) was elaborated in September 2016, with both the financial and facilitation support of REACH.

Facilitators actively served on the multi-sectoral committee, established by the Directorate of Nutrition (Direction de la Nutrition) within the Ministry of Health, which was tasked with developing the plan. In particular, REACH supported the SUN Government Focal Point with the preparations for the committee's work sessions and contributed to the articulation of the activities, indicators and targets included in the multi-sectoral nutrition plan. The engagement of the REACH facilitators also helped foster alignment to international and national nutrition recommendations and commitments, such as "Nutrition for Growth" and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development. Additionally, results from the REACH mapping exercise fueled discussions about scale-up, which also unfolded as part of the process to develop the new multi-sectoral plan. While the mapping was conducted in 2015, it remains a key source of aggregate intervention coverage. It also offers valuable insight about delivery mechanisms and strategies, opportunities for increased synergy, and setting targets, all highly relevant to planning.   

Learn more about how REACH is supporting nutrition governance processes in Burkina by listening to an ENN podcast and/or reading an article featured in Issue 7 of ENN's Nutrition Exchange (Arabic, English, French and Spanish).

ENN podcast highlights how REACH is supporting the SUN Movement in Burkina Faso
20 February 2017

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An article about how REACH is supporting SUN processes in Burkina Faso was recently published in Issue 7 of ENN's Nutrition Exchange
16 February 2017

The article is available in Arabic, English, French and   Spanish



WFP bulletins acknowledge REACH support as key to achieving nutrition governance milestones in Burkina Faso
4 November 2015

The REACH engagement in Burkina Faso is making great strides since its launch in 2014.  According to WFP News, a quarterly bulletin issued by the Burkina Country Office, REACH analytical support has been instrumental to informing nutrition planning processes, including scale-up discussions. A recent article in the bulletin explains how the REACH-supported Nutrition Analysis and Situation Analysis Dashboard have helped actors unpack the causes of malnutrition in the country, portraying the multidimensional aspects of and fostering consensus about the problem. Similarly, it hails the Policy Overview as an effective mechanism for identifying sectors engaged in both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive actions, as well as opportunities for further integrating nutrition into relevant policy frameworks (e.g. National Policy on Sustainable Development). The classification of diverse actors by their respective roles in nutrition and the identification of coverage gaps were also highlighted as useful outputs of the recent REACH mapping undertaken at national and sub-national levels. Ultimately, these analytical inputs have helped REACH facilitators catalyze multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder discussions, which have culminated in the ongoing discussions on the revision of the national nutrition policy and the formulation of multi-sectoral strategic plan on nutrition, 2016-2020.

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