Country updates

REACH colleagues band together to complete an overview of the nutrition and food security situation in Haiti with a view to catalyzing further action
14 March 2016

Leveraging the technical expertise of UN colleagues and the existence of reputed REACH tools, REACH facilitators spearheaded a participative process to elaborate a Nutrition and Food Security Overview that captures a series of nutrition-related trends across multiple sectors. The Haiti Overview exemplifies how REACH staff (facilitators and analytical staff at the UN Network for SUN/REACH Secretariat) works closely with UN colleagues to collate secondary data and repackage it into crisp, visuals that can inform nutrition advocacy and other governance processes at the country level. All of the REACH agencies (FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO) were involved in discussions, where selected slides were chosen for a shorter (executive summary version) of the overview.

In addition to illustrating time series trends and geographic disparities, the Haiti overview includes a series of slides which present the outputs of equity analyses, elucidating relationships between wealth quintile and maternal educational attainment on stunting, maternal health services and other nutrition-related issues. The overview also includes additional features such as key statistics for making an investment case for nutrition as well as linkages between emergency response and development support, both tailored to the Haiti context. The work on the Nutrition and Food Security Overview has also culminated in the development of a national Situation Analysis Dashboard, which will be updated as new data becomes available. 


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