With operations in Ghana since 2011, REACH aims to improve nutrition for all Ghanaians and to boost support to three northern regions where there are relatively higher rates of poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity. For Ghana, REACH is a welcomed opportunity to reinforce coordination and build capacity for action.

REACH activities are aligned with the Ghana UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), which prioritizes food security and nutrition through an improvement of the effectiveness of nutrition interventions in the country.


REACH objectives

  1. Development of capacity for action at all levels of government. Capacity for nutrition actions will be enhanced through a gap, skills and needs analysis, and the subsequent activities to strengthen human resource capacity at all levels of government.
  2. Support for the development of a national multisectoral nutrition action plan, including a costed multisectoral nutrition scale-up action plan and tools for the implementation of the national nutrition policy.
  3. Support to establish an effective and efficient multisectoral coordination mechanism for nutrition and food security both at the national and regional levels.
  4. Support to a common communication and advocacy strategy and plan for nutrition
  5. Improved information on food security and nutrition will be available through a strengthened food security and nutrition monitoring system, an established monitoring and evaluation system and a programme reporting mechanism.

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Poverty & nutrition facts

  • 28.5% of population lives below the poverty line
  • 28% of children under 5 are stunted
  • 8.5% of children under 5 are wasted
  • 13.5% of children under 5 are underweight

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