The five focus areas agreed to become priorities for REACH support to FDRE during 2011-2013:

  1. Support for national, multi-sectoral coordination, including technical advice for establishing and supporting a high-level coordination mechanism, restructuring national technical coordination, and reviewing the institutional arrangements for nutrition according to the Government of FDRE's priorities and needs.   Effective coordination mechanisms are needed to guide multi-sector and multi-stakeholder action to support continued scaling-up nutrition actions in-country. 
  2. Support to develop stronger nutrition focus in nutrition sensitive programmes with special emphasis on agriculture, rural development, safety nets/social protection and (nutrition) value chain areas.
  3. Support to finalize the updating and extending the National Nutrition Programme, taking into account both complementary actions to better address chronic undernutrition (stunting) as well as additional nutrition sensitive programmes in agriculture, education, social welfare/protection, water and sanitation and other areas.
  4. Operationalisation of the updated National Nutrition Programme at district (woreda) level, including support for multi-sectoral budgeting and work-planning of identified priority actions and programmes.
  5. Support to harmonization of nutrition and food security management information systems as well as M&E systems to facilitate effective multi-sectoral coordination and management of nutrition and food security activities at federal, regional state and woreda levels.


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