The REACH Approach

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REACH delivers a coordinated approach to good governance and institutional capacity building that ensures more effective and coherent food and nutrition action. Based on the human right to nutrition security, it seeks to transform the way governments and donors approach investment in nutrition to leverage existing investments most effectively and systematically identify priorities for additional investments needed to scale-up.

Activities include building institutional capacity, strengthening policy planning skills and prioritising scarce government resources.

To tackle undernutrition, REACH links maternal and child nutrition, food security, health and care through a nutrition-sensitive approach that integrates the support and participation of different government sectors (e.g. health, agriculture, finance, social protection, etc). 

Through better coordination and less duplication, nutrition actions will be more efficiently and effectively delivered. Through a multisectoral approach to nutrition, interventions will have a bigger impact on nutritional status of women and children.

Key features

  • Collaboration with the government/national institutions: By working directly with governments, REACH facilitates a process that identifies existing bottlenecks, develops evidence-based cost-effective solutions, and facilitates a coordinated effort to scale delivery. Such collaboration ensures long-term, country-owned solutions, at the national and sub-national levels.
  • Partnership with stakeholders: The nutrition landscape involves many stakeholders, which REACH identifies as partners and works with to coordinate a mainstreamed approach. Partnership is hence key to REACH’s success.
  • Coordination across sectors: REACH and its partners coordinate and guide government-led efforts to scale-up proven and effective actions that link child undernutrition, food security, health, and care in a sustainable package. 

A number of multisectoral nutrition action are known and proven to be effective.
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