REACH support at the country level is based on facilitation. As a unique feature, REACH places dedicated country facilitators to catalyse the coordination of multisector and multi-stakeholder partnerships, with the aim to ensure that nutrition-sensitive policies and programmes drive concrete outputs and actions.

For each country, the facilitators, usually one international and one local, work to ensure operational synergies and support for national governments to develop nutrition policies and programmatic approaches for health-, food-, and care-based programmes adapted to the context.

The facilitators focus on local capacity development through a change management approach, where structured support of well-planned initiatives, along a set pathway, is utilised to improve performance. This involves:

  • supporting analysis and advise on appropriate institutional arrangements for multisectoral coordination on nutrition-sensitive activities;
  • strengthening the linkages of nutrition coordination mechanisms between district and central levels of administration;
  • providing support for the management and facilitation of multi-stakeholder coordination mechanisms among UN agencies, government, NGOs, academia, donors, and public and private sector stakeholders.

The facilitators work in close collaboration with national counterparts and a multi-stakeholder team representing technical staff from relevant ministries, UN agencies, NGOs, and donors.

REACH's UN partners at the country level jointly decide the appropriate terms of engagement for the facilitator and the most suitable handover approach to ensure sustainability and strengthened national capacity.


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