Following a REACH exploratory mission in late 2013, the UN partner agencies have contributed funding to support REACH activities in Guinea, starting with the recruitment of an International Facilitator in May 2015. A National Facilitator was later recruited in August 2015, who together with the International Facilitator, works closely with the SUN government focal point on a range of nutrition governance issues, including the revision of the national nutrition policy and the formulation of the national nutrition plan. In addition, the facilitators promptly initiated REACH analytical exercises to enrich nutrition governance processes, such as the development of a Situation Analysis Dashboard, and have helped UN colleagues come together to formulate a joint nutrition programme. The facilitators are currently hosted by the WFP Country Office in Conakry.


REACH Objectives in Guinea:

  • Raise awareness of the nutrition situation and build consensus on the best strategies and    priorities for improvement amongst relevant stakeholders;
  • Reinforce national nutrition policies, plans and programmes which integrate and operationalize key nutrition actions through a multi-sectoral approach;
  • Strengthen all levels of human and institutional capacity on nutrition actions, including those of key ministries;
  • Increase effectiveness and accountability amongst stakeholders concerned with the implementation and support of nutrition actions.


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Poverty & nutrition facts

  • 58.5% of population lives under national poverty line (WDID 2012)
  • 31.2% of children under 5 are stunted (DHS-MICS 2012)
  • 9.6% of children under 5 are wasted (DHS-MICS 2012)
  • 18% of children under 5 are underweight (DHS-MICS 2012)

International Facilitator
Mohamed Bechir