Compendium of Actions for Nutrition

The UN Network for SUN/REACH Secretariat has developed, in consultation with United Nations partner agencies, a Compendium of Actions for Nutrition (CAN), which includes matrices of potential multi-sectoral nutrition actions (both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive actions), classified by the type of evidence available for them, as well as accompanying narratives and bibliographies. The compendium is a facilitation resource to help foster multi-sectoral dialogue at the country level, particularly on nutrition-related policy formulation and planning.

CAN Flyer

Full CAN Documents:

Summary CAN Documents:

  • Annexes ( Summary Lists)  - English | French
    • Annex 1: Food, Agriculture and Healthy Diets - English
    • Annex 2: Maternal and Child Care - English
    • Annex 3: Health - English
    • Annex 4: Social Protection - English
    • Annex 5: Multi-sectoral Nutrition Governance - English


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