In 2013, REACH was initiated in Chad with a view to reducing child hunger and undernutrition. REACH supports measures to enhance multi-sectoral nutrition governance, working closely with the Government of Chad while leveraging the strengths of and fostering increased collaboration between the UN partner agencies.

In March 2013, an International REACH Facilitator was recruited to launch the initiative and advocate for a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach in nutrition. A National REACH Facilitator was recruited the following year. With the support of REACH, multi-sectoral action has been catalyzed with a focus on the following objectives.  

Chad objectives

  • Establish a functional national multi-sectoral platform for nutrition
  • Support the development of nutrition policies and inclusion of nutrition in national strategies and plans
  • Support the development of multi-sectoral nutrition plan
  • Foster collaboration within UN agencies and between UN and government at both, decision-making and technical levels
  • Strengthen human and institutional nutrition capacities for action at different levels, including those of key ministries





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Poverty & nutrition facts

  • 47% of population lives under national poverty line (WB 2011)
  • 39% of children under 5 are stunted (MICS2010)
  • 16% of children under 5 are wasted (MICS 2010)
  • 30% of children under 5 are underweight (MICS 2010)

International Facilitator
Mohamed Cheikh Sidi
National Faiclitator
Dimanche San San