Countries can express their interest in joining REACH by approaching the four signatory agencies (FAO, UNICEF, WFP and WHO) through their country offices. They will, in turn, forward the request to the REACH Secretariat or Steering Committee.

The factors considered to initiate engagement include:
  • country needs as defined by high levels of undernutrition;
  • Government commitment and preparedness for scaling-up nutrition;
  • stakeholder interest and complementarity.
REACH evaluates proposals based on the following criteria:
  1. agreement between the four REACH partners and the government that REACH would provide useful and appropriate assistance in advancing the nutrition agenda;
  2. agreement by the four REACH partners that REACH engagement would be helpful to advance their joint efforts to address the nutrition problems in the country at present stage;
  3. availability of a minimum level of funding to allow for recruitment of one or two dedicated REACH facilitators and for technical support from the REACH Secretariat;
  4. agreement by the REACH Steering Committee to support the country.

Potential country partners should contact the country international facilitator.


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