REACH Renewed Efforts Against Child Hunger and undernutrition

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Undernutrition leads to 3.5 million child deaths every year and impairs the health and development of many more.

The causes of maternal and child undernutrition – food insecurity, poor health and inappropriate care – are preventable; still, many countries struggle to achieve a sustainable reduction of child undernutrition because their resources and capacity are not sufficient to accelerate the scale-up of nutrition actions needed.

REACH is a country-led approach to scale-up proven and effective interventions addressing child undernutrition through the partnership and coordinated action of UN agencies, civil society, donors, and the private sector, under the leadership of national governments.

REACH co-facilitates the UN network for SUN, together with the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition.



News and updates:

REACH and partners in Mozambique support a multi-country training on the Cost of Hunger in Africa Study
20 June 2016

Learn about key REACH achievements in the 2015 Annual Report
25 May 2016

Haiti: REACH colleagues band together to complete an overview of the nutrition and food security  situation in Haiti with a view to catalyzing further action
14 March 2016

Mozambique: REACH support is pivotal to the development of the United Nations Agenda for the Reduction of Chronic Undernutrition (2015-2019) in Mozambique
22 March 2016

Guinea: High-level meeting convened to plot the way forward for Guinea's National Programme to Accelerate Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agricultural Development
14 March 2016

Explanatory Note now available on the Agenda 2030, SUN Movement, WHA targets, Zero Hunger Challenge and ICN2 Rome Declaration Commitments
December 2015

Tanzania pilots nutrition scorecards to step up accountability and accelerate action
18 December 2015

Tanzania: REACH mapping support catalyzed government interest for replication at the district level
14 December 2015

REACH efforts are catalytic in the development of the new nutrition policy in Niger
8 December 2015

International REACH Facilitator in Chad is honoured for his efforts to bring stakeholders together to address nutrition
2 December 2015

High-profile nutrition champions identified in Mozambique as part of greater advocacy efforts supported by REACH
23 November 2015

Joint evaluation by the evaluation services of FAO, UNICEF, WHO and WFP (host of REACH) as well as Canada demonstrates that REACH is a successful vehicle for advancing the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement at the country level
10 November 2015

Nepal launches its new national nutrition portal with the support of REACH
10 November 2015

Burkina Faso: WFP bulletins acknowledge REACH support as key to achieving nutrition governance milestones in Burkina Faso
4 November 2015

REACH colleagues actively participate at the recent SUN Global Gathering in Milan
30 October 2015

UN colleagues across regions come together under the auspices of the UN Network for SUN to take stock of UN nutrition support and plot the way forward
28 October 2015

Rwanda: President Kagame continues to champion nutrition efforts in Rwanda
25    September 2015

Tanzania: Joint Multi-sectoral Nutrition Review incites reflection on the operationalization of the national nutrition strategy and multi-sectoral coordination
5 September 2015

Mozambique: UN agency staff come together to take stock of UN nutrition support in Mozambique and to unpack strategic questions about the way forward
15 May 2015

12 May 2015

24 April 2015

25 March 2015

REACH Annual Workshop marks an occasion for learning and visioning in the evolving global nutrition landscape
19 March 2015

Multi-sectoral planning and coordination gain traction at the regional level in Ghana
16 February 2015

REACH partnership in Bangladesh tables nutrition with the Speaker of Parliament
29 September 2014

REACH Bangladesh releases a participatory film ...
20 July 2014

REACH Secretariat participates in joint workshop on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and rural development
15-18th July 2014

Canada announces additional support to REACH in the fight against child undernutrition
(Press Release in French)

13 May 2014

Bangladesh: REACH support instrumental to bringing actors together and establishing common ground
5 May 2014

Comoros: REACH Secretariat conducts exploratory mission to facilitate assessment of nutrition governance status in the country
April 2014

REACH Annual Report for 2013 now available
March 2014

Rwanda: Two million children being screened for undernutrition
March 2014

Ghana: Multi-sectoral approach to nutrition in Ghana gains momentum
5 February 2014

View new photo gallery to see how Canada and REACH are securing the future of children and women
5 February 2014

Mozambique: Government staff learn about REACH tools and methodologies to facilitate coordination of multi-sectoral nutrition action in Mozambique
23 January 2014

Uganda: Prime Minister hosts National Nutrition Forum in Uganda, proclaiming that ‘the time for nutrition is now'
2 January 2014

Mali: Actors band together to formulate a Multisectoral Action Plan in Mali
November 2013

Niger: pursues innovative approaches for bolstering decentralised multi-sectoral collaboration
21 November 2013

September 2013

Rwanda: Rwanda launches ''1000 Days Campaing''

Rwanda: The Rwanda "Thousand Days in the Land of a Thousand Hills'' Nutrition Campaign
(Press Release)

September 2013

Tchad: L'initiative REACH au Tchad
Tchad: L'initiative REACH au Tchad - Factsheet

August 2013

Mali: ORTM News broadcast: l'elaboration du plan multisectoriel sur la nutrition

Mali: Nutrition - un plan d'action multisectoriel en gestation (L'Essor quotidien national d'information)

Mali: Un atelier national sur la lutte contre la malnutrition à Bamako (Algerie Presse Service 08.07.13)

Mali: Les Nations Unies s'investissent dans la lutte contre la malnutrition ( 08.07.13)
July 2013

Burundi: Commitment by Burundi to improve nutrition governance

July 2013

Watch REACH Video
June 2013

Five UN Agencies Committed to Working Together in Support of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)

May 2013

REACH Annual Report 2012
April 2013

Un focus sur le REACH dans le bulletin humanitaire OCHA du Chad
Mars 2013

Sierra Leone: Mr. Foday Sawi appointed new Deputy Minister of Health
January 2013

Mali: Government approves Nutrition National Policy
January 2013

REACH Summary Brief English / French
17 December 2012

U.N. Agencies, Experts Joint Forces in Addis Ababa To Work Toward Nutrition Solutions
WFP Press releas 09 November 2012

REACH holds workshop to share country experience and best practices to scale up nutrition
7 November 2012


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