REACH Renewed Efforts Against Child Hunger and undernutrition

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Undernutrition leads to 3.5 million child deaths every year and impairs the health and development of many more.

The causes of maternal and child undernutrition – food insecurity, poor health and inappropriate care – are preventable; still, many countries struggle to achieve a sustainable reduction of child undernutrition because their resources and capacity are not sufficient to accelerate the scale-up of nutrition actions needed.

REACH is a country-led approach to scale-up proven and effective interventions addressing child undernutrition through the partnership and coordinated action of UN agencies, civil society, donors, and the private sector, under the leadership of national governments.

REACH co-facilitates the UN network for SUN, together with the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition.




News and updates:

View the UNN Nutrition Capacity Assessment Guidance Package
– Part 1: Guidance Note  English | Français
Part 2: Tools and Resources English | Français

2 June 2017

REACH actively involved in the establishment and operationalization of Mali's new Nutrition Coordination Unit
29 May 2017

New Multi-sectoral Strategic Plan for Nutrition validated in Burkina Faso
26 May 2017

Chad steps up nutrition action, launching a new and intensified phase of REACH support
26 May 2017

Key 2016 achievements profiled in the 2016 REACH Annual Report
17 May 2017

REACH mentioned in ENN blog about a recent visit to Myanmar
13 April 2017

UN Network for SUN Quarterly Update, covering the first quarter of 2017 is available online
10 April 2017

French and Spanish versions of the UN Network for SUN Stragegy (2016-2020) are also available
16 May 2017

REACH helps catalyse nutrition planning and related sensitization efforts at the sub-national level
22 March 2017

ENN podcast highlights how REACH is supporting the SUN Movement in Burkina Faso (French)
20 February 2017

REACH facilitators help the SUN Government Focal Point galvanize dynamic nutrition planning processes in Burkina Faso
21 February 2017

Read an article in ENN's Nutrition Exchange about how REACH is supporting SUN processes…
16 February 2017

Chad's SUN Government Focal Point and REACH facilitators work side by side to foster…
9 January 2017

The Compendium of Actions for Nutrition (CAN) is now available
1 December 2016

UN Network for SUN Strategy (2016-2020) – now available (English)
21 November 2016

REACH and partners in Mozambique support a multi-country training on the Cost of Hunger in Africa Study
20 June 2016

REACH facilitates a multi-stakeholder retreat in Myanmar to strengthen the UN Network for Nutrition and Food Security
6 June 2016

Learn about key REACH achievements in the 2015 Annual Report
25 May 2016

Mozambique: REACH support is pivotal to the development of the United Nations Agenda for the Reduction of Chronic Undernutrition (2015-2019) in Mozambique
22 March 2016

Haiti: REACH colleagues band together to complete an overview of the nutrition and food security  situation in Haiti with a view to catalyzing further action
14 March 2016

REACH continues to play a catalytic role in nutrition governance processes, including multi-sectoral nutrition planning
28 February 2016

Explanatory Note now available on the Agenda 2030, SUN Movement, WHA targets, Zero Hunger Challenge and ICN2 Rome Declaration Commitments
December 2015









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